Taking Time For You Is Not Selfish - It's Necessary

Recently I reached a point where I stopped checking in with myself. I stopped asking what I needed. I stopped listening to those emotional cues telling me that I needed a break. It started when I got that horrid virus in September. It really took it out of me. For weeks and yes I said weeks the exhaustion was unreal. All workouts stopped, it became about just making it through the day. It was getting everyone fed, making lunches, planning dinner, struggling to get it all done, making sure homework was completed, getting laundry done... the list goes on and on. As I eventually recovered, I still kept pushing through. I didn’t check back in. I just kept going and going to the point that I reached that point. The point where you have to blow off steam, the small eruptions before the big one. Exercising was non-existent. Binge eating sugar became the norm. And my mini meltdowns became more frequent and larger and larger.

And then the day came that I stood in front of the mirror crying asking myself what was wrong with me - what is going on?!? It’d been months since I checked in with me. I’d been so focused on everything else that I got lost in the shuffle and by doing so not only did I suffer but in the end my family did too.

And then there is the guilt. Can I really take the time that I need to do something for me when there’s so many other things that need to get done? My answer is what do you need right now? Take a moment to breathe and ask yourself what do you need? Where are you? And what is the emotionally and physically healthy answer for you? I can assure you screaming like a woman becoming unhinged is not the best choice.

So this heart felt post comes to you from a 10 mile bike ride on the stationary bike at 5:15am. If you find yourself at that point or reaching that point I ask you to take a moment to step back and check in with yourself. You are worth it. And they are too.

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