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Well May has been a blur! Between medical tests and procedures and school activities, it feels like each day has just meshed into the next. But things (hopefully) are finally settling down. (One a side note, I got an all clear on my medical procedures. I'm not back to 100% normal just yet,but I'm starting to get there!)  And we are in the home stretch of the last days of school for Lil Man (and work for me).  It's been a good school year, but I admit I am ready for summer. :)

Now... for the reason for this post... StrideBox ... most of you know that I love my StrideBox every month. When I get my email that it's on its way I stalk the tracking information until it arrives in my mailbox. And then I can't wait to open it to see what's inside! I love the surprise and seeing all of the awesome products.

This is what I got this month.

I know some of you are thinking but what if I don't like what's inside?
Well, I admit from time to time there have been a few products that didn't fit my taste-buds. ;)  But it's been few and far between, and usually someone in my family would enjoy it instead of me. But I still got the chance to try it. More times than not, I've tried products that I've never tried before. And now I'm a HUGE fan of some of those products. (Skratch Labs and Gu Stroopwafel just to name a few). Because of StrideBox I've been able to try lots of different products and find what works for me.

Each month each box is different. For more info, I suggest you check out their website here.

But I was super excited to open my email and see a coupon code AMY5OFF to get $10 off your first box from StrideBox that I could share with you! This code is good until May 31st. So don't wait! Use it before it expires.

And ... wait for it... wait for it... two of you... yep TWO of you will receive a FREE box. All you need to do is enter the giveaway below. Two winners will be randomly chosen and StrideBox will send you a free box. How cool is that?

I only endorse products that I truly like. And StrideBox is obviously one of them. So please share the code with your friends, and of course enter the giveaway! Good luck and #justkeeprunning

If you have problems with the entry form, email me at info @ willrun4icecream.com

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