Why You Should Use The Time You Have

So, let me set the scene... Hubby was out of town (thank goodness he's back now) for 11 days. It was a LONG 11 days. Lil Man had a cold. I had a cold. We got 2 snow/ice storms. It was basically non-stop chaos. And that meant I had to get creative to get my workout in.

I rarely had a block of 30 minutes or more to get in my workout. But what I was able to find was 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, an occasional 20 minutes sporadically. And I realized, it might not be ideal. I might have an audience and distractions. I might have to jump off of the treadmill a time or two to resolve an issue. BUT 10 minutes is better than zero.

I get asked (and criticized) a lot about just how much I workout. (insert eyeroll). Technically, I don't
workout that much. An ideal, and I said IDEAL week for me (which rarely happens) would be to run 3 times a week, bike 2 to 3 times a week or get in some other type of workout a different day. I always have a complete rest day once a week; sometimes more. That may sound excessive to some, but for me, it helps keep my blood pressure in check. It helps keep my sanity in check. And wait for it.. wait for it... I enjoy it!

Yep, some may read a book. Don't get me wrong, I like to read too. But I also enjoy a good sweat session.

With my arthritis and hip issues (Life With Pain...) I am learning that I need to modify as necessary. So while my husband and son eat breakfast, I often choose to sweat it out for 30 minutes or so. Anyway, when Hubby is traveling, or Lil Man is sick, or basically life happens, that means schedules get modified.

In the past, I would just bail on my workouts. I found out that for me personally, that wasn't the best solution. A 10 minute run was better than no run. 15 minutes working my core was better than simply blowing it off because it didn't seem like it was worth the time.

Trust me... it is.

I think that's one thing I like about Gixo is the variety of the classes and their lengths. They have several 15 minute classes. And trust me, you get a great workout in 15 minutes. Sometimes my issue is that my times don't match the times of the classes. When that happens, I find something that I can do for the time that I have. You can get in a great workout with tabata. But it doesn't even have to be intense! A simple walk, and not even a power walk, is a great workout and stress reliever.

So I encourage you. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't get in a solid 30 minutes or so to workout, do what you can when you can. I believe you will thank yourself later. And if you are anything like me, the people around you will thank you also ;)

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