Life With Pain - My Arthritis And Hip Update

If you've been anywhere around me then most of you know that 2017 was definitely a rough year for me with injuries and health related things. I spent a lot of the year in physical therapy, and then I was diagnosed with arthritis after being in the boot. (Yes, The Doctor Told Me To)

So how are things now?
Painful ...  I'm not going to sugar coat it... since that day out on the trail when I felt the pop, I haven't been without pain in my foot. It eases, and then it intensifies. But it's basically for the most part always there. I still have a little lump where I was given the cortisone shot. I know there is arthritis, and maybe other factors at play? Not sure... but I do know with the arthritis there will always be pain. It is most definitely worse after high intensity. That being said, I'm still working out and being active. I'm just trying not to do two high intensity workouts on back to back days. Occasionally I will run back to back days, but I'm trying to be very cautious and make sure that I give my foot a rest in between.

The hip? Well, it's not happy either ha ha. I was going to go back to physical therapy, but my therapist changed locations. Add in family and work schedules, it was going to be super difficult to schedule an appointment.

I remembered a stretch that the PT was doing that actually helped with the hip. So, although it's not exactly the same, I had Hubby attempt the stretch. After a couple of days, the pain had decreased. YEAH.  I'm trying to find a way that I can get the stretch without having assistance, but I haven't figured that out yet. Lil Man isn't quite strong enough, and Hubby isn't always available. But it's better than nothing right?

I have pretty much just come to the conclusion that this is my new normal. And, I'm finding ways to make it work. Listening to my body is key, even if I'd rather be doing something else. Unscheduled rest days happen along with lower intensity workouts. But I'd rather have more rest days and less intensity if that means I can continue to stay active.

I am hoping that weight loss will help with possibly both issues, but at least the foot. Time will tell.

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