Why I Created A Vision Board

Just gotta put this out there, I've always thought the concept of vision boards was silly. I mean, do I really need to take magazine clippings and motivational quotes and put them on some board to visualize what my goals are?!?! But someone mentioned it in an accountability group that I am in. It piqued my interested and I put it on the maybe list.

Then I was reading a fitness magazine about this lady who had gained 50lbs during pregnancy and she reached a point that she just had to make a change. The first thing that she did was make a vision board? What?!?! Yep, she took magazine clippings and quotes and put down her goals of what she wanted.

So today,  partly because it's colder than cold and I refuse to go outside the house, and a little bit of boredom, I asked Lil Man
if he wanted to make my vision board with me. I thought it would at least give us a little project. I didn't put a lot of thought into it other than my main goals.

I grabbed a couple of old photos off of my facebook account. I saw a couple of pics in a fitness magazine of what I would like to be able to do. I printed a motivational quote, and I grabbed some motivational stickers.

Lil Man helped me cut the top off of a box for the 'board'. We laid out my motivational things, took his stick glue, glued it all down, and tada we were done.

And although I didn't go into great detail, this vision board does give the first layer of my goals for myself. Nutrition, a slimmer healthier version of myself, a time in my life when I was consistent with strength training and felt strong, the goal of a pull up, and the goal of spider-man push ups.

And I know this may sound silly, I'm actually surprised I'm saying this, but it REALLY did make a difference to see it all laid out like that. My goals seemed concrete. My next step will be putting a plan together to make them a reality. And honestly, I could see myself buying a type of cork board or something where I could tack things on it to expand my vision board and change it along the way. I'm really inspired to do this.

In fact, after we finished my board, Lil Man (who is 6) asked if we could create him one.

So we did.....

He came up with what he wanted to put on his.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... We are living breathing examples.

Time to make this vision board a reality...

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