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My Tips For Giving Up Sugar

If you've ever tried to give up sugar, then you know it's not an easy task. I've done it before, and I'm currently doing it again. When I re-introduced sugar back into my life, moderation became an issue again. I'm hoping this time around to get the moderation part right!

So here are my personal tips for helping myself when giving up sugar.

  • Have a specific plan! What do you mean by plan you might ask? I mean have a plan. Don't just say Oh I'm giving up sugar. Have a plan what to do when the cravings hit.  I have found the more specific I am the better chance I have at reaching my goal. When you want something sweet what will you do? Take a deep breathe? Reach for a glass of water or cup of tea? Go for a walk? Eat something healthy instead? Find what works for YOU but have a PLAN. Don't wait until the cravings hit, plan in advance what you will do. 
  • Be mindful of WHY you are eating WHAT you are eating. Emotional eating is BIG for me. Apparently I eat through all of my emotions - happy, sad, angry, bored, stress... you get the idea. So find ways to deal with those emotions. Believe it or not, coloring books can be great stress relievers. So maybe reach for a colored pencil instead of a candy bar ;) 
  • Stay accountable with friends/family/strangers. Knowing that I have to check in with someone helps me stay on track. This might not help you, but it's helped me in the past. Slip ups happen, but knowing I am reporting to someone telling them my progress helps me stay on track. 
  • Find healthy options. I don't believe in giving up fruit. I know some people see the sugar content in fruit and balk at the idea. I find that my body does ok with natural sugar. And after I've given up sugary junk food, it's amazing how sweet an apple or orange can taste! 
  • I've also found that plain herbal tea helps - especially late at night. I've always enjoyed tea. I've always enjoyed drinking it plain. So a cup of chamomile tea, or peppermint tea, or some type of  herbal tea is a good alternative for me when I'm reaching for something sweet out of habit. 
I personally don't do artificial sweeteners. So I don't do substitutes. I've found that finding the reason why I am reaching for sweets helps. Habit? Emotion? Craving? Once I know the reason, then I am able to find a healthy way to deal with it not having the sugary junk food.

I know it's not easy, but it can be done! If you have any more questions or any suggestions for me, leave a comment or drop me an email.

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