I Am Giving Up Sugar For 14 Days

I did it before, and I plan to do it again. I'm giving up sugar for the next 14 days. Why? Because when I gave it up last time, I felt amazing! (What Happened After 14 Days Free Of Sugar) I saw TONS of personal health benefits.

And then I re-introduced sugar back into my life. However, moderation became an issue.

So I feel that I need a personal reset. I'm not sure resets even exist. I think it's just become a word that companies have used to convince people they are doing something good for their body. So maybe I need a different word? ha.

But to me, I'm hoping that by eliminating sugary junk food for a couple of weeks that I can
mentally come to a place that I can find my personal moderation - whatever that is for me.

I'm 2 weeks into a weight loss challenge. I've kept it on the down low because I haven't been able to organize my thoughts to share about it yet. So stayed tuned for that....

But the last time I did the no sugar thing, I blogged daily. I'd never made it past 3 days before, and I knew the accountability to all of you would hold me accountable. I admit that I've tried giving up sugar since then and didn't make it past day 3. I know that I need the accountability to do this. So this time around, instead of blogging daily, I intend to post daily to my Instagram Stories and to my new Will Run For Ice Cream facebook page.  So if you don't follow me there, please do so.

Yes, I do see the irony in my name. #WillRun4IceCream giving up sugar. But my ultimate goal is to find the key moderation for me - where I can have my ice cream within reason and eat it too  :)

This is part of my vision board - working on becoming a healthier me. It's time that I did this....

If you don't have IG or FB and you would like an update during the 14 day time frame, you can email me at info at willrun4icecream.com. 

Anyone want to join me?

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