Using The Peloton App Without A Peloton Bike

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I had told Hubby that I wanted a bike trainer for Blue Thunder. But the more I researched, and with my limited knowledge, I was afraid to purchase a trainer. I had read that a lot of them could be really loud. And Blue Thunder is a mountain bike with super large tires. So, I shifted gears and started looking at spin bikes.

Yep. An amazon sale later, and Red Lightning started her journey home.

And let me tell you, it was an eventful journey. I was told that my 106lb package was out for delivery. Fast forward 3 days
and numerous phone calls to UPS who had temporary 'lost' Red Lightning even though the status was out for delivery she finally arrived.

Setup was easy or I'm assuming it was. Lil Man and Hubby actually did the set up for me. By the following morning I was taking my first online spin class at home.

I took a live Peloton class although I don't have the bike or the stats that others had. I found the class a little difficult at times because I couldn't use the settings that the instructor was calling out. I don't have cadence or RPMs etc. I basically have time, speed, distance and calorie burn. Hey, you get what you pay for.

As with running, I don't doing do the same exercises back to back. So I took a rest day from spin before I took another class.

This time, I did an on demand class, and I chose a rhythm (meaning that you ride according to the beat). This was easier for to me to follow since I could ignore the cadence and RPM settings. I got in a great workout!

I did have one little snafu. During mid-pedal and I was pushing it too, the pedal came off. Yeppers, like one minute it was on, and the next minute it was off. It went flying, and I did too. My guess is that it didn't get tightened. Or I hope that's the case. I put it back on and finished the class. But seriously, talk about a heart stopper.

Currently, I'm on the 14 day free plan for the Peloton App (which is only available on iOS). But so far I've really liked it, and I think I can make it work with my non-peloton bike.

I admit I don't get the same intensity spinning at home as I do in a spin class at the gym. But when it's winter with icy roads, Hubby is traveling, it's hunting season, or I just don't want to get up at 4am to make it to the gym, Red Lightning is going to be an awesome solution. Pair it with a streaming app, and I feel that it's a win win.

What about you? Do any of you have any suggestions for spin class streaming? If so, send me an email or drop me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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