Keeping My Sanity Through Sickness And The Holidays With Exercise

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Well, when the stomach bug hits it's stop drop and clean up the puke. Lil Man has had it bad. I mean bad. I had to take him to the ER this week because he literally couldn't keep anything in. He's missed school. I've missed work, and everything has just been put on hold. Talk about holiday stress! At one point I touched my forehead to feel something only to find out that it was dried vomit. And no, not my own. I kid you not peeps, it's been a rough week!

Thankfully, I had already finished my Christmas shopping. I just need a few last minute things (wrapping paper for the big guy), and some odds and ends. But if that doesn't happen, then you know, it is what it is.

I haven't left the house in 5 days other than to take Lil Man to the ER or to the doctor. So today, I told Hubby that I just had to get outside to get some fresh air and clear my lungs of the stench of sickness. So I grabbed
my Skirt Sports Wonder Wool Skirt and hit the streets.

It was my first time running in the Wonder Wool (loved it!)  And the fresh air, even though it was cold, did me good. I needed that. The moment I walked back into the house, Lil Man was sick.

The holidays can be super stressful. Add in sickness and they have become extremely stressful. But exercise is helping me keep my sanity.

20 minutes? Sure, I'll take it. Sometimes all it takes is a good sweat to make me feel human again!

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