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How Scheduling Your Workouts Can Help Prevent Injury

I sit down every week and plan my workouts for the week. Do I always manage to get them all in? Ummmm no :) Sometimes I’m too sore, too tired or schedules just get rearranged. But that doesn’t stop me from planning my workouts. It helps me to see the week at a glance. Sometimes I realize that I’m trying to do too much and I need to add in rest days. Sometimes I realize that I need to bump it up a notch.

Scheduling also helps me to see if I’m becoming stagnant or if I’m pushing myself toward injury. Am I doing the same thing over and over again? If so that’s a big red flag for me. Since I am injury prone I know that
I need to mix things up. Back to back high intensity workouts don’t work for me. On the flip side too many easy workouts aren’t going to get me the cardio fitness that I need to keep my blood pressure under control.

For me putting it on paper helps me to visualize my week. So yep, each Sunday I usually sit down with my calendar, my Gixo app, (How Gixo Is Changing How I Workout) and the weather channel to pencil in my workouts. Yes I use pencil because the reality of my life is that things are always changing :) Why the weather app? Because I believe in being flexible although I admit my training schedules used to be very rigid. Through the years and many injuries later, I’ve learned that for me personally flexibility is best. Oh back to the weather... I don’t like running in very cold wind. Well, it’s the truth. I mean I will if it’s necessary but if I can avoid it I will. So yes I usually check the weather and schedule my outdoor workouts around the best situation for me if possible.

As you may know the Gixo app (see my latest post) is new for me but over the last few weeks it’s become a big part of my workouts. I do encourage you to try it. Join me for a class!

Hubby travels and Hubby hunts. That right there should tell you enough that it can reek havoc on one’s schedule from time to time ha. But that’s where the flexible scheduling comes in. And not just everyday things in life that creep up but also what my body might be telling me.

Yes I’ve been told that I will just have pain. It’s my new normal, but my common sense is also important too. For example, let’s say I that ran one day and had a Gixo workout scheduled for the next day, but my foot was throbbing. This is where flexibility comes into the picture - I can skip the workout, modify the workout or rearrange the workout. A quick peek at my calendar will let me see that I can move a less intense workout into its place. Core? Lower intensity TRX, a different type of class or workout? I think you get the idea.

So the takeaway is... BE FLEXIBLE, LISTEN to YOUR body, and give writing things out a try to see the bigger picture for the week and possibly prevent injury. If you have any more tips for me, leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

Until next time....

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