Conquering My Goals With Commit30

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I decided to take up journaling again to help me stay focused on my goals. I've been using a fitness journal that I really like, and I plan to continue to use it. But I came across the Commit30 journals. And there was something about the idea of doing something (small changes to create big results) for 30 days that really appealed to me. I like how each day there was a goal/purpose to help me obtain the overall 30 day goal.

It's not an all or nothing approach. I see it as a daily intention kind of thing.

However, I am struggling with my monthly goals for the year. The Commit30 journal has you plan out your goals and vision yourself a year from now. Yeah,
I'm having some difficulties with that one. I've come up with a goal for 5 months,  but after that I'm not sure.

I believe the idea behind it is to have a vision and create a plan. I admit it may be fear that is holding me back from filling in the entire year. Anyone else ever afraid to dream big? I think it's time for a little more self evaluation. But I'm excited to see what being committed to something for 30 days will bring.

I actually bought the Fitness Journal. One thing that I don't like about it is that it's not dated. I hate writing in dates on a calendar ha. But I do like that you can start it at any time which is exactly what I'm doing. I'm starting on November 27th. Because it wasn't dated, I was able to write in the dates that I needed. You can check out the journal from Commit30's website here.

I'm excited to see what these small changes can bring.

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