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Know Your Body And Take Action

I woke to pain, and I knew that something felt off. I told my husband that something was wrong. But I kept hoping that it was just nothing. I went to Lil Man's soccer game, then to Target. Cause I mean, come on it was TARGET. After that I spent the afternoon on the couch. I got a heating pad and convinced myself that it was some sort of pre-menstrual cramp or something. But as the contraction like pain intensified, and the heating pad wasn't helping with anything, I decided to check my temperature.

I had a low grade fever.

So I did what many people would do and I consulted Dr. Google. Yep, just what I thought, it was my prostate. (just kidding) ;) I had narrowed it down to
diverticulitis or ovarian issues.

I put the heating pad aside and tried to go about my day. By evening my temperature had risen off and on, but was still showing a low grade fever for most of the day. As Hubby and Lil Man were eating dinner, I tried a few nibbles of food and immediately said no. When they reached for dessert and the idea of ice cream was out of the question for me, I knew it was time to seek medical attention. I don't turn down ice cream.

Off to the ER we went as I ouched in pain with every bump that we would hit. Honestly we didn't have to wait too long. I'm not sure if my symptoms warranted me being pushed farther up the list or what, but the wait was fairly minimum, and I felt bad getting called back before the others in the waiting room.

After a quick exam, and telling the kind DR that if he pressed on my left side again, I wanted to punch him, he decided that a blood test and an abdominal CT were in order. If the CT didn't show anything then we would do an ultra sound.

An IV later,  some fluids and some zofran via IV we waited. Lil Man was really worried seeing me in the hospital.

The bloodwork showed that my white counts were slightly elevated, and the CT showed that I had diverticulitis.

Now, how do we treat someone like me who is allergic to so many things? It took a call to infectious disease with a "let's hope this works" as I was started on 2 different types of IV antibiotics.

Hubby and Lil Man went home as I stayed for a restless night at the hospital. I was given IV antibiotics and fluids all night long. The following morning, 2 more bags of IV antibiotics were hung and I was given those before I could leave.

With a 'you must call your dr' and a bag of pills and information, I was sent on my way.

I am half way through a 10 day treatment for diverticulitis. To say I've felt bad this past week is an understatement. Between the infection and the antibiotics, I've been extremely nauseated (and in pain).

I refused the Zofran at home because it makes me dizzy.  I also turned down all pain meds because they just add to my nausea. Ginger tea has been a life saver with the nausea. I found that drinking some before I take my meds, with my meds, and after my meds, it really cut down on the nausea. I'm also making sure that I'm drinking enough water.

The dr said that they used to think that diverticulitis was caused by eating nuts and seeds, but that's no longer the case. It usually happens from a diet that it is low in fiber. So dietary changes are in order.

In fact, I've already put them in place by slowly increasing my fiber until I am able to reach the recommended daily allowance.

The take away from all of this? 

  • I am thankful that I went to the ER when I did, and that I didn't wait an additional day. 
  • I hope not to take so many things in life for granted. 
  • I'm not out of the woods yet. I still have an infection. Time will tell if the antibiotics will take care of it. 
  • I will forever have the pouches that have formed (meaning this could reoccur once I am healed). 
  • Dietary changes to some degree are a MUST.
  • I'm more determined than ever to lose the additional weight, and my health is a priority. 
And last but not least. Know your body. Listen to your body. And take action! It could truly save your life 

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