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Embracing The Changes In Life

Someone recently asked me about my running and how I currently feel about it. True, I'm not running 5 days per week as I have in the past. I'm not even running my usual 3. I think my new norm for awhile (maybe forever) might be 2 days a week.

How do I feel about it? I feel liberated. I feel like stepping outside of the model of runner to something bigger. Because I've said it before, and I will say it again, I am more than just a runner.
As I grow older with my family, I realize that life is constantly changing. I am constantly changing. And learning to embrace the change definitely makes for an easier transition. For probably the first time in my life, I am
embracing the love of exercise in general. Is running still my sport? Why sure! And I still proudly say I'm a runner because I am. But I'm also finding my love for other forms of exercise (My New Found Passion For WalkingHow I Am Adjusting To My New Normal).

Do I feel sad that I'm not racing and running like I have in the past? Honestly, I'm not. Maybe I've come to terms with my arthritis and realized that just having the opportunity to move makes me happy? I can't honestly say.

But I do know that you have to do what's best for you. Three years ago if you'd told me that I'd be happy running so much less, but moving in general, I would have told you that you were crazy. But honestly I'm just happy to be alive.

No, I didn't have a near death experience. It was an overnight stay to observe and administer IV medication (Know Your Body And Take Action). But it woke something in me... a desire... a desire to do better for others around me and for myself. It's prompted me to make a change. I admit that I'm fearful that the infection won't heal. I'm afraid that it will come back, but it's lit a fire under me to do the best that I can with what I have.

When your 6 year old son looks at you and says "Momma, I wish with my whole heart that you'd just be well again" it makes you think twice about what you are doing about your health.

Writing is one of my passions, and I'm stepping out there on faith to follow my dream. If you like this blog or this post, please take a moment to share it with friends. Thank you for helping me follow my dream.

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  1. Life is all about changes and growing as a result of those changes. It's so important to follow our hearts in what we believe will make us happy. Life is just too short. Can't wait to read more about your writing journey. Running will always be there and will always be a part of you.

  2. You have a great attitude.

    I was pretty depressed when I was injured and couldn't run.

    You are a runner. There's not one definition. All runners are different.

  3. I totally understand. I was just talking with my running club last night about how I ran 13 half marathons in 2013. This year I ran 1, and really I should not have, but I did because it was my 20th Indy Mini and I wanted to go out on my terms ;-) Last year doc told me I have arthritis in my knees. I may only be 45, but that's my reality. I can either train for those halfs and beat myself up then take days off, or I can limit my running to lower mileage and not daily running and run consistently. So I've embraced the shorter and fewer runs and included lots of biking, yoga, and lifting. And I'm okay with it. It's been a journey but it's my journey and I'm finding joy in it. Sounds like you are too!


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