Feeling The Moment Before The Firsts

I'm having a hard time putting into words exactly what I'm feeling right now. I'm a bundle of emotions. It seems like yesterday that I was holding Lil Man in my arms, oohing and aahing over his every little move. Come to think of it, I still ooh and awww over him... but just in different ways. I am so very proud of him.

Tomorrow he starts 1st grade. I've been a stay-at-home mom since the moment he was born. So tomorrow is a big first for us.... I've been an emotional ball of organizing energy. I've prepped our lunches for the week. I've meal planned (which I normally don't do). I've cleaned out closets. I've cleaned out rooms. I even went through 10,000 emails and deleted what I didn't need and organized the rest into electronic folders. I kid you not. So, yeah, you can say that I have a lot of nervous energy right now.

In addition to Lil Man starting 1st grade,
I am also starting my first paid job outside of the home in 6 years. On the last day of school last year, I heard about a position that might be open at his school. I came home that day and applied. Over the summer, I was hired. I will be working as a non-instructional aide helping with lunch and recess. So his first day at school is also my first day at work.

So for the Glass family, this week brings a lot of firsts.

And in real life no matter how much you plan those plans usually somehow get changed ha. But my plan is to get up about an hour to hour and half before the rest of my family gets up so that I can get my workout in. While Hubby gets Lil Man breakfast, I can make everyone's lunch. After I get Lil Man on the bus, then I'll get ready for work and eat my breakfast. We'll see how it all works out, and of course will make modifications as needed.

I had a friend ask me about my social media - was I just going to let it go? Ummmm.... no :) In fact, I might be more active on social media in some ways. I'm not sure yet. But I have carved out some time to stay current with my social media accounts. I'm sure some of you may not get it. But it's important to me.

As a stay-at-home mom, my blogs and social media accounts were my thing. I'm not sure many people understood my need to have something of my own. But regardless, it's something that I've worked very hard on and have put a lot of time and energy into. I really enjoy it.  I don't plan to let that go. Realistically, I think I can continue to keep up with my social media accounts without sacrificing time from my family.

But I guess we are ready. I can't believe he is starting 1st grade. Where did the time go? It's going so fast.

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