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When Life Throws You A Curveball

So this was definitely not the post that I thought I would write this week - or anytime in my future for that matter. But here I am in this uncontrollable situation and I ask myself what can I do? If you follow me on Instagram then you know that this happened.

After seemingly getting over my hip injury I was finally back to running consistently. I had worked my way up to 3 mile run walk intervals, and I was increasing my run time. Last week on Wednesday I hit one of my fastest paces in months. Looking back now that might not have been a very good idea. I was just running by feel, and I wasn't paying attention to pace. After that run the top of my foot bothered me a little bit, but I didn't think much of it. I thought maybe I had my shoe tied too tight. Friday I did cross training at the gym, and Saturday I went out for a 3 mile mountain run. It was beautiful. It was awesome to be back out there. Everything felt great.

Until about a mile and a half
as I was running up a mountain literally - I felt a sharp pain in my foot that stopped me in my tracks. Once again it was on the top of my foot. I readjusted my shoe thinking maybe something was too tight or just not right and continued to run/walk because I had to get back to the car. I felt pain with most every step but not excruciating.

I immediately iced and put anti-inflammatory gel on it when I got home and consulted Dr. Google. I diagnosed myself with extensor tendonitis but as the day went on the pain increased. I actually went to urgent care which was a total waste because I knew that nothing would show up on an x-ray that fast. At that point I didn't have any swelling or anything and the physician assistant on call basically sent me home and told me to rest it. And take Advil - that it was probably tendinitis.

Later that evening as I was reaching for something on my tiptoes (short girl problems), I hear a loud pop and feel searing pain. At first all of the pain disappeared, and I was able to take about 15 steps totally what I thought was pain-free. And then the pain returned with a vengeance. The swelling started along with the throbbing, and it was pretty much constant and nonstop.

Fast forward to Monday when I saw my podiatrist and although the x-rays are not showing stress fractures, it is not uncommon that they wouldn't show up at this point, my podiatrist feels that I have at least one maybe multiple stress fractures in my foot.

So meet Patience (my new boot) that I will be sporting for the next four weeks. I will then go back and get reevaluated to see if I can come out of the boot or what's next. Honestly I'm in pain. And wearing the boot actually helps relieve the pain. If I walk around a lot or stand up a lot the throbbing pain is there even in the boot. I think most of the worst pain is at night when I have the boot off and I'm trying to sleep.

So needless to say running my Harrisburg half marathon and Hershey half marathon will not be happening this fall. And my hip is not happy with the difference in the height of the boot and my other shoe that I may have. So I have ordered some heel lifts hoping that maybe that will help with the height difference. I'm not sure yet.

So - here I am. What am I gonna do about it? It is truly out of my control. So I'm going to focus on what I can control. And that is my nutrition, finding ways to relieve stress in a healthy way, working on getting my blood pressure down which is a bit of a challenge since I can't exercise, and trying to lose this additional weight that I'm carrying around.

Although I don't have control over the situation, I do have control in how I respond to it.

I'm gonna yell #PLOTTWIST and move on - I plan to come through this stronger than what I was before.

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  1. That's rough. I hope it mends quickly!

  2. So sorry you are dealing with this. I hope you heal very quickly!

  3. OH so sorry to hear this! I've had a stress fracture before and if you let it rest and heal it will. Hard to be patient though especially in the summer. I did lots of swimming and indoor cycle when I had mine

  4. Your story sounds a bit like my recent Plot Twist (which, incidentally, was the name of a recent blog post) LOL I had seen some stuff on Instagram, but obviously didn't see the whole story. So sorry for this...being sidelined totally sucks. But you said it perfectly "focus on what you can do and not on what you can't (#paraphrasing). I can't run for at least two months, so I'm trying to do leg lifts (since they don't put any strain on my knee and its suture) and I'll also be doing some upper body strength work. Stay strong! Wishing you a speedy recovery ;-)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. Keep your positive attitude. Cheering you on!


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