Pain Returns And I'm Back To Physical Therapy

Well that didn't take long.... and no I didn't ramp up my mileage too soon. I increased gradually. In fact, I think the most mileage that I wracked up in one week was maybe 12 or 13 miles for the month of May? And that's the total for the week.

One thing that I did do possibly wrong was that I increased my pace. I may have done that too much too soon. It was after the faster runs and the upper body work that I felt the injury returning. I'm not sure that it ever totally went away, but I did feel it more after this.

And looking back to my Instagram account. I did this faster run and these toe touches back to back days.

The reality? No one knows.... seriously... and after 5 months I'm starting to get super frustrated. I'm happy with Aspire Fit. I feel that my PT knows his stuff, and he has greatly helped me. But, the harsh reality is... I'm not well. Is it his fault? Nope. Is it mine? maybe.. who knows? I think there are a lot of underlying issues that we haven't found yet. And I'm not sure that I don't keep doing something to irritate the injury.

So for now, I'm not doing any upper body work. It's been a week and a half (but who is counting) since I've run. I'm walking, and most of the walks have been slower leisure walks.

My lower back hurts. I can't stand on my left leg without pain, and I'm a little on the grumpy side.

My plan is that if I'm still having issues when I go to my general doctor in July, I'm either asking for a referral for a sports doc or requesting further testing or something. Something isn't right. I'm pretty sure all of this stems from being out of whack for so long with the freak dog injury last summer and then overcompensating. But seriously, enough is enough. I'm ready to get back to my normal activity level.

But until then, I'm trying to stay positive and do what I can do!

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  1. Ack! I'm so sorry to hear you're back on the pain wagon. :( Hang in there, you'll have answers soon!!!


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