Happy To Get In Some Intervals

Ice has been my friend along with massaging the piriformis. Am I pain free? Not yet. But this week I’ve been power walking. I wanted to run a mile, but PT said no. I was able to incorporate some short slow run intervals with my power walk.

I'm holding off on all upper body work until I see how things work out with running.

So today was my 2nd time to incorporate some slow interval runs. I actually downloaded a timer on my phone (although my Garmin forerunner 35 has an interval setting).
And I walked for 30 seconds ran 1 minute for 2 miles.

Near the end of my running minute interval, I could feel the hip a little. But overall, there wasn't any pain. I can almost stand on my left leg without pain, but not totally. But it's progress.

I really think that the icing has helped my bursitis. And if it's a placebo effect that's ok too.. I'm going to go with it.

So it's been over 2 weeks since I've truly ran... and although I'm not pain free... hopefully I'm on the mend since the pain is much less and I'm able to incorporate some running back into my routine.

Fingers crossed that I am hopefully truly on the mend this time.

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