It's Time To Stop Comparison In Its Tracks!

I've posted about this in the past, but I need another reminder. Comparison - I've done it all my life. I've compared myself to others to see how I measured up. In most cases, it came from my lack of self confidence. And truthfully, after some self-examination, I realized it's still coming from the lack of self confidence. I want people to like me.

Lately, my comparison issues has mainly been with social media - mainly blog stats and Instagram. I love Instagram. I do. I love how I can share my day through pictures (and words). But a glance at my Instagram account will often give you a visual of my day.

But lately, I've been bogged down with stats, and jealously. There are people with far less followers (or more) than me that will get tons, and I mean tons of likes and comments and engagement on their photos. It's mind boggling. It's lead to hours of me trying to figure out what they are doing right and what I'm doing wrong. I've scrutinized my hasthtags. I've mimicked what others were doing in the attempt to get a better reach.

But in the end, is this me?
Sure, I enjoy playing with filters, and lighting, and getting a cool shot. That won't change. But is this me? Only posting a picture because I think it will bring in likes? Not posting something because I'm afraid (there's that word again) that people might not like it? Have I let comparison (which lead to jealousy) keep me from being who I really am?

Sure, I need to use judgement when posting. We all do. I've been known to overshare. But I don't want to lose who I really am. It's scary, because the reality is that people might not really like it - which means they might not really like me or how I come across. But do I want to be someone other than myself in the hopes that people will like me?

The answer is no... So just like this blog, and my other blog Today's Words of Glass (which  has been severely neglected. I hope to rectify that soon). and my other social medial accounts, they are an extension of me. And honestly, there is no one else that I'd rather be than myself.

Writing is one of my passions, and I'm stepping out there on faith to follow my dream. If you like this blog or this post, please take a moment to share it with friends. Thank you for helping me follow my dream.

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  1. We all want to be liked it's an intrinsic human need. Just keep being you ad genuine and posting what you feel and love.

    1. Thank you :) And I love following you on your blog!

  2. Yes, it's easy with Instagram to wonder HOW they have 10,000 followers or 300 likes on a photo when it doesn't seem like they're doing anything "better" than what I'm doing - I totally get you. But this is a good reminder, no need to compare - I'll just keep being me! Thanks for the words of wisdom!

    1. It totally blows my mind!! But we just need to be us! :) And I think we are pretty cool!

  3. I hear you. Comparison creeps up before you even realize it sometimes. I was just talking to a group of women this week how when you feel like you've kinda got it worked out in one area, it creeps up in another area. I've come along way with body comparison but still being in the earlier stages of my online journey, I find myself falling into the comparison trap and having to climb back out!

    1. It is definitely something that I have to deal with constantly!

  4. So true. I blog and post for myself. If people want to follow me. That's great. I only want runners who care to follow me. Which is why I have 200 not 2K.

  5. I am, I suppose, lucky. Being in a niche there are very few to compare myself to, so very little temptation to do so. Some of those you are comparing yourself to have vast social networks in real life, who may "like" everything but pay little attention to the content. Quality versus quantity is important, and having the right audience.

    I'd rather have 2 likes from people who need my stuff, than 100 from people browsing a blog reader and clicking like on a photo! ��


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