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The Workout Of The Week Is Physical Therapy

And before you blow off this post as something not beneficial because you aren't injured, stay with me here. These are great core/hip/glute exercises that physical therapy has started having me do.

Each session we are adding more, but I thought I'd share with you the ones that I am doing so far.

We started with wall squats. I've haven't done these in years (hmmmm... maybe that's why I'm in physical therapy with an injury)

(No, this is not me at physical therapy, but me practicing at home)

I was definitely feeling these the next day.

In addition to wall squats, PT has me doing ab hollows where you lay on your back, bend your knees and suck your abs in... hold for a 5 or so second count and release and then repeat. The first few are no problem for me, but then I have a hard time holding my core in. I can tell that I'm not holding it in as tight.

Then we added marches, where you once again lay on your back, suck in your core and slow raise each leg. (basically march) From here we added the arms, where you march and raise the opposite arm above your head. Honestly, while trying to hold my core in, these were much harder than they looked.

And of course the famous clam shells. I'm not doing these with bands yet, but I'm sure bands will eventually be added. Currently we are working on form.

And I've also progressed up to steps (yes, simply stepping up and down on a step). And last but not least - this...

stand on a band/tube, make an X behind your legs and then pull it back through to your hips and do side steps. It's easy to see from this video, that my sides are not equal. So yes I struggle with this exercise.

So there you have it, seven or so exercises to help strengthen your hips, core and glutes. I am getting stronger. How about you?

What was your workout of the week?

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  1. I need to do these for my hips. I've been resting will be back working out soon.

  2. Today is definitely glute day! I love all these glute activation exercises - they're important for everyone.


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