What Happened After 14 days Free Of Sugar

For anyone curious about how this all started, you can read that here (How I Am Going To Overcome Sugar Addiction)

And to recap, I'm eating fruit. I'm eating carbs. I'm eating my fruit flavored Greek yogurt (and yes I know there is sugar in that). What I am NOT eating is sweet junk food and baked goods.

But after 14 days, this is what happened:

The majority of my cravings are gone. The last few days I've craved dark chocolate (which I'm not even a fan of). So I knew my body was needing something - most likely magnesium. I took an Epsom salt bath and even took a magnesium pill. The cravings were less, but when I was at the grocery store, I saw some baker's chocolate. I knew it was 100% cacao and thought I'd give it a try. It smelled amazing. It tasted like bitter bark LOL... but.. I did eat some to see if my cravings would leave.

As I write this I have zero cravings for anything chocolate.

I am sleeping better. I have had zero night-sweats! When I was eating large amounts of sugar, I would wake up several times during the night, sometimes with the sheets totally soaked. So night-sweats are currently no longer an issue.

I'm no longer waking up in the night nauseated, or waking up in the morning nauseated. For years, I've felt like I've had morning sickness (without the pregnancy). I assumed it was my hormones, but once I ditched the sugar, the nausea is gone.

My resting heart-rate has dropped 10 beats per minute. Say what?!? Yep, my heart-rate had been on the rise. I dropped the sugar, and the heart-rate dropped with it.

Speaking of heart - I'd been having a lot of heart palpitations. I'm used to those. I've had them all of my life. But they had become quite frequent and quite bad. Since I have been off of sugar for 14 days, I've maybe had 1 heart palpitation and I think that was after I'd eaten some processed carbs. So for the most part my heart palpitations are gone.

My joints are about half the size that they were the day that I started this journey. The night that I decided I was going to do this, I got scared. My fingers were so swollen I could barely bend them, and I couldn't get my wedding ring off. I looked down at my body and realized that I was killing myself - all because of sugar. And since I've stopped the sugar, my joints are back to a more normal size for me.

My joint pain at this point is gone. Granted my exercise isn't as much as it has been at some points in my life. So I'm not sure how they would be with increased exercise. But after a few days of being off sugar I realized I no longer hurt.

I am not as tired as I used to be. Maybe because I'm sleeping more? I don't know. I just know that I have more energy.

I feel the best that I have felt in years. 

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Maybe it isn't sugar. Maybe it's something else that is out of balance for you. Whatever it is, I encourage you to examine your life, and make the decision to make the change for a healthier you.

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  1. I can't believe so many symptoms were relieved just by cutting out sugar! Sounds like you are feeling a whole lot better. It's a plunge I need to take but I keep giving into cravings :(

    1. I have tried for YEARS and YEARS... this is the first time I've been successful

  2. OH NO this confirms that I need to try harder to do this. I have the world's biggest sweet tooth and I just can't give it up. Even when I have given up so many other snacks and bad things - salt for instance and sometimes gluten etc. I have such trouble giving up sugar.


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