My First Plyo Box From RepFitness

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I love my gym membership. In fact, I'm able to go to several different gyms for one monthly price. I love it. I enjoy group classes. I also just enjoy going to the gym.


I also love my home gym because the reality is sometimes I just can't make it to the gym. Sickness happens. Weather happens. Life happens. And because I have my home gym, I'm able to workout anytime that I want to. Also, if I'm in a bind without a lot of time, working out at home saves me the drive time of going to the gym.

One of the the latest pieces of equipment that I've added to my home gym is the plyo box from Rep Fitness 

I chose the 3-in-1 box. The options were 12x14x16, 16x18x20, 16x20x24, and 20x24x30". I chose the 16x18x20.

Well, let's just say that I didn't realize just how high 16" would be. I've never used a plyo box, and I was totally intimated by it. So I did a little research to see what all I could do with the box other than box jumps. I was just too scared to jump.

I found a variety of exercises that I could do with the plyo box in addition to box jumps such as step ups, step overs, planks, push-ups (incline and decline) and split squats. I'm sure there are alot of exercises that I left out, but you get the point. So I started with some of these before I did my first ever box jump.

Then I finally decided I was just going to try it. I was either going to make it or I wasn't. But, I wouldn't know unless I tried. So this is my first ever box jump.

After I did that 16" height for several days, I thought I'd give 18" a try. This is me at 18".

I should mention that the sizes are on the box. I just didn't have the camera set up to catch that in the videos.

Now, about the Rep Fitness plyo box. Hubby put it together for me (because he's cool like that). But it seemed very easy to assemble, and there is also an instructional video online.

The box is easy to move around with the handles on the side.

It's sturdy. It contains structural support on the inside. I love that one box provides 3 different sizes. Each side is clearly marked with the height.

Overall, I love my Rep Fitness plyo box. And although I'm a novice, the Rep Fitness plyo box is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

To find out more about Rep Fitness you can visit their website here.

Do you have a plyo box or have you ever used one? What's your favorite exercise to do with the box?

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  1. I have not used one of these in a long time but it's always great to have some at home options to use as well. Enjoy!

  2. i LOVE box jumps! having one at home would be a dream.

  3. Great job!!! I love box jumps, but they're def tough ones!

  4. I have never heard of the Pylo Box but it looks like something I would definitly purchase in the future. I plan on collecting things like this to add to my dream of an at home gym one day. Box jumps are a great source of cardio! I loved seeing your videos, you did great for your first time! :) I do love the variety of workouts you can do with this thing!

  5. I've been seeing these and if only this girl could jump. Might have to check them out further though, especially for the hubby.

  6. I've never used a box but I do like that it has 3 different size options and that you can do different exercises with it. Not just the jump. Way to go for broke!

  7. I love love my box for my workout and my clients' workouts too. My husband built it for me a few years ago.


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