Get Outside And Play #YearRoundPlay

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My son will play outside at any time and in any weather. When he was little, my family couldn't believe that we played outside all year. I heard "Isn't it too cold to be outside?" You have to remember that our families live in Mississippi and Texas. And although it does get cold there, most days it warms up during the day, and then repeats the process the following day. 

Pennsylvania weather was an adjustment for me in that some days it just doesn't feel like it warms up very much in the winter. But that being said, it doesn't stop us from getting outside.  And honestly it shouldn't stop you either as long as the temperature isn't dangerously low. 

We dress in layers. We wear hats and gloves when we need them. We keep moving. I try to find activities that will keep us active and moving while we are outside.

When the days are cool, Lil Man enjoys side walk chalk. I love to watch his creativity. 

 He also enjoys his outside fort, and of course digging in the dirt.

But as the temperatures drop, we find activities where we can move our bodies. We are fortunate to have playgrounds within very close driving distance. We utilize those during the year. And we also have access to trails. We like to take hikes together.

In addition to hiking and playgrounds, we spend a lot of our play time at home just playing outside. Outdoor play doesn't have to be complicated. Use what you have around you and available to you.

Whether it's a trip to the playground, riding bikes, taking a hike, kicking a ball or jumping on our new trampoline, we try to be as active as we can year round.

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I encourage you to get outdoors and play! 

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