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Day 7 Of Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Day 7 - did I just type that? No, seriously - did I just go 7 days without sugar? Is this even real? I have tried for years and years and years to try to give up sugar.What was different this time?

  • Well, I had a specific plan..... not a generic "I'm giving up sugar." But I sat down and wrote down 4 simple steps that I was going to take for when I was eating out of boredom or just because, when I was eating out of stress and so forth. 
  • I didn't remove the junk food from the house. Say what?!? Yeah, I didn't rid my house of junk food, because the reality is - that isn't my reality. There is ALWAYS going to be something somewhere. So if I can only resist sugar when it's not around, then well, what's going to happen when I am surrounded by it? 
  • I added seeds to my diet. I'm not sure if this helped, but it was definitely something I'd never done before. And the day that I didn't have pumpkin or sunflower seeds, my cravings were more intense. Like I said, it could be coincidence, but this was something that I'd never done in the past. I sprinkled raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds on my salad. 
  • I had you. I was accountable to you every day, and I knew that I would have to honestly report my progress. And I couldn't stand the thoughts of telling you that sugar was stronger than me. So when those cravings hit, and I wanted to reach for sweets, I thought of you - who are following me on this journey. 
  • I did not cut carbs. Before when I tried to cut sugar, I think I also tried to do too many things at once. This time I focused on eliminating junk food sweets only. 
And I reached down the deepest within myself that I've ever reached because I truly wanted to take control back. I'm sure that some might disagree, but I know that sugar had control over my life. I know the great lengths that I would go to get it. I know that I would secretly hide and eat it so that no one would see that it was my 8th candy bar that day. I know these things. And I wanted to be set free.

And 7 days later, here I am. I know most of you are thinking now what? Well, I don't think 7 days is long enough to break free from the years of bad habits. But, 30 days sugar free would put me into Christmas break, and I know Lil Man and I will be baking cookies. I also know he won't understand if his Momma doesn't eat a special decorated cookie that he made. And usually on Christmas morning we will have cinnamon rolls or something like that... so... 

I'm planning on going without processed junk food until December 21st. It's the day before Christmas break. It's the first day of Winter, and it was just the date that jumped out at me when I looked at the calendar. I plan to continue on doing what I've been doing these past 7 days (minus the daily reports. I plan to report once or twice a week on how I'm doing with the sugar, and any new things that I'm learning.) The plan seems to be working, and I'm hoping the more I change those behaviors that it will eventually just be a new part of my life.  

I do plan to add sugar back to my life. My ultimate goal is moderation, and to eat things because I actually want the taste of what I'm eating - not to fill any type of emotional need. 

In addition to sticking with the no junk food, another area of my life that is lacking is vegetables. I don't eat nearly enough veggies. So, my plan for the next 7 days is to eat 4 veggies a day. And again, I'm not setting some generic goal of just eat more vegetables. I've done that in the past. I didn't eat them! So, here is my plan.

  1. Eat 1/2 to 1 veggies at breakfast - probably V8 juice or a smoothie or possibly spinach in an omelette.
  2. Eat 1 veggie at lunch. 
  3. Eat 2 veggies at dinner (and for those circumstances where I know that I won't get 2 veggies at dinner, then I will make sure that I get 2 veggies at lunch. Or I could also have a veggie with my afternoon snack.)
I also have some workout goals that I plan to implement, but that's another post for another day.

I am seriously forever thankful for all of you who have helped me along this journey to overcoming my sugar addiction. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Words cannot express how grateful I am for your encouragement.

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