Saying Goodbye To Abusive Destroying Self Talk

Amy here.. and I'd just like to admit that I am my own worst enemy. Yep... me... sure from time to time people will throw in a cross word here or there... but usually it's me who abuses me. It's me who allows other's opinions to keep me from following a dream.

I honestly don't want to remember all of the abusive self talk that I've told myself.

The reality is .... it's lies... all of it.

Those negative, fearful, hateful antagonist words are lies. For me, I believe they come from fear.

It's often the fear of failure that keeps me from trying. And it's often my negative self talk that tears down my self confidence.

So what am I going to do about it?
I'm going to replace those horrible fearful degrading words with uplifting positive and hopeful ones instead. The minute those ugly words start to creep up, I'm going to toss them out. I'm going to start treating myself with more love and respect.

And, well, I'm tired of allowing fear to hold me back. So watch out world... I might just surprise you!

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