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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. I received a watch free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own, honest in nature, and based on my own experience. 

Wood Wrist Watch

I can't believe that the holidays are here. Seriously, I'm usually more on top of things. I'm definitely the 'planner' of the family. So the fact that ahem, the holidays are basically here, I'm feeling the stress of being unprepared.

But, I have to say, I think I have it a lot easier than previous generations. It's called online shopping! I'm pretty sure the majority of my holiday shopping will happen online this year. First, it's just hard to get away by myself where I can buy things without others noticing what I'm getting. And Lil Man often has a hard time not telling Daddy what I got him. So online shopping for the win.

And if you are looking for a great gift idea, I have an idea....  JORD Wood Watches. I was blown away by the selection. I really had a hard time choosing, but I finally settled on the women's watch - Frankie 35 - Zebrawood and Navy. I took a family vote. Lil Man was adamant about this one, and I had to agree. It's beautiful.

I followed the instructions to get the watched sized. I have incredibly small wrists. So I was glad that I could get it sized from JORD Wood Watches and not have to have someone else size it for me.

So when the watched arrived, I was very impressed by the packaging. I was in love before I ever opened the box. Yes, it's a jewelry box that holds the watch, but it also has a pull out tray. I would also like to mention that the lid has magnets that hold it on. So if you are going for presentation, this is definitely the way to go. (Also, as a little FYI, for a little extra money you can get the box engraved. Oh and you can get the watch engraved too - talk about making your gift unique and special!)

Now - let's talk about the watch. Like I said, I got the Frankie 35 - Zebrawood and Navy. The size was perfect, and it was super easy to clasp. I often don't wear bracelets or watches that clasp because I have a hard time getting them to clasp by myself. This was truly something that I could easily do with one hand as well as being able to take the watch off without needing someone to help me unclasp it.

The quality of the watch seems superb. I'm not a watch expert, but I am a consumer. The watch (in my opinion) felt to be superior quality.

As far as the look of the wood watch goes, I think it's beautiful. From a sweatshirt with jeans, or a sweater and dressy pants, it compliments everything that I've worn it with. Basically, this is a watch that can be worn both casual and dressy.  With such a wide variety of unique watches, there really is (I think) a watch that would match most anyone's style.

My overall opinion? I am very impressed with my JORD watch. I think it would make an awesome gift for yourself or for someone else. And yes you can shop from the comfort of your own home, or your friend's home, or the carpool line at school before they let the kids out. (I can neither confirm nor deny that this may have happened.)

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So, go check it out, wouldn't it be awesome to give someone the gift of time? :)

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