Day 3 Of Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Day 3 - the day I've never been able to get past because I've always caved. Today, at times, I came close to throwing in the towel. I don't think so much because the cravings were massively intense, but the stress level was very intense today. And because of that I wanted comfort - I wanted chocolate.

What I wanted was to get in the car and drive to Sweet Frog. It did cross my mind, but I didn't. I didn't eat the cookies, or the snickers either. And that Little Debbie oatmeal pie is still in the cabinet.

What I did do was take some deep breaths and reminded myself of the why. Why am I giving up sugar anyway? What's my own personal reason?

And this afternoon around 3pm when the cravings were more cravings and not just the stress, I had some apples with cheese and just a few pretzels. I still wanted something sweet so I ate some popcorn and a few grapes.

By dinner time, I was wanting carbs. So I had a baked potato with pepper jack cheese.

And I drank water throughout the day along with some peppermint tea.

And I finished the night off some some blackberries.

Tomorrow, Lil Man and I plan to venture out for some last day before back-to-school fun. I know we'll be eating out for lunch, and the temptations will be everywhere.

It's been YEARS of trying to get past 3 days without having junk food sweets... But day 3 is complete... on to Day 4.

I am forever thankful for your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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