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Day 2 Of Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Today started with me getting up and having just enough time to meet a friend for a 7 mile hike. My chest congestion is mainly gone. My legs aren't too happy, but I thought they'd survive.

I've been having a lot of join pain and swelling. I can barely open containers. Yes, that bothers me. And I honestly think it's possibly diet related. Time will tell. But my ankles haven't felt the greatest lately.

So breakfast was my usual yogurt.

Out on the trail I was hungry and had a Thunderbird Real Food bar. After the run, I struggled not to go get a hot chocolate from Sheetz. My mouth watered at the thought of the warm chocolaty goodness!
Instead I went home, drank some water. Had a huge salad, a piece of very thin crust pizza, and drank tons of water.

I really didn't struggle for sweets today until around 3pm. And I wanted carbs. So I ate tostito chips (no sugar on the label) with some pepper jack cheese. Yes, I realize there are healthier choices. But right now for these 7 days my goal is to stay away from junk food like cakes, cookies, brownies, pie, candy bars and the list goes on and on. So my snack held off the massive cravings.

Dinner was bacon and eggs that Hubby cooked. But after dinner there was a Little Debbie oatmeal pie in the cabinet calling my name... but a few deep breaths and distraction with cleaning up the kitchen, some more water, and I was able to move past the craving.

Today had some difficult times, but not as bad as yesterday. I'm nervous about tomorrow though ... day 3... the day I've never been able to get past. Plus, it will be the first day since I've started this personal challenge that we will leave the house and do some family activities.  We are going to get our Christmas tree which makes me think of cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

So yeah I'm nervous... but I know this is something that I really want to do.. and the encouragement from you has been so motivating. It means more than you could know. Thank you.

I end the day with this... yummy sweet grapes... which taste incredibly awesome and sweet after not having sweets for 2 days.

Day 2 is complete ... let's bring on day 3

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