Day 1 Of Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Well, I admit I still felt bloated and eh from all of the sugar and processed foods on Thanksgiving.

Breakfast was easy. I skipped my coffee for green tea.

The grocery store was a little more challenging with the donuts smell drifting through the store .. but I did ok and bought some quick already cut up easy to-go snacks where I had one in the car.

And then around 10:30am without even thinking about it I started to lift the lid on the chocolate chip cookies.

I don't think I was even hungry. It was just habit. They are there - might as well have one. I quickly realized what I was doing and put the lid back down.

By afternoon ... the time where I usually cave... and then evening when my day is the most stressful, I struggled. I ate an apple with some string cheese. And then after dinner, I had a grapefruit.

I ended the night with chamomile tea and coloring.

I'm a little surprised at how hard today was. Usually day 1 isn't hard for me. But I've been putting down a lot of sugar in the last couple of weeks... and I mean a lot... so I'm sure my body didn't know how to handle today.

I know ya'll are pulling for me. I know you want me to succeed as much as I do. I'm giving it my best.

Day 1 is complete on my journey to overcoming this sugar addiction... on to day two.

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