The Woman I Know I Can Be

I'm trying to write this via mobile - so please ignore typos and weird spacing :)

This past week hasn't been an easy one. In fact, I know it's going to take me some time to work through some current issues. 

But it's made me realize that I have two choices - let it destroy me or let it make me stronger. I'm choosing stronger.

And to gain strength (emotionally and physically) one must work on strengthening weak areas and improving in all areas. 

And that's exactly what I plan to do. For too long I've put my dreams and ambitions on hold - it's time that I started fulfilling some of my dreams that I have for myself. 

Often I let fear and what 'others' might think stop me from being the person that I can be. 

That type of thinking needs to stop now. 

And I believe that I've had enough 'bricks' thrown at me lately that I finally have the motivation that I need to be the woman that I know I can be 


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