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When The Unexpected Happens

Seriously, sometimes life throws you a curve ball... or in my case... a very large dog! Standing in my front yard, talking to the neighbor, out of nowhere his dog came running at top speed and hit my legs.

I held back the tears, but I was hurting.. and hurting bad. My foot was bleeding, but it was my leg that was hurting the worst.

When I got inside and washed off the blood from my foot, this is what I found. Yikes, that thing was deep.

(scroll down, graphic picture ahead)

But it was my right leg that was hurting the worst. Really! But I cleaned my wound, got Lil Man to bed and then soaked in a warm tub of water to try to help the throbbing in my body.

Later that night my leg started to swell. I iced the area. I iced my ankle, and I knew I was hurt.. and possibly pretty bad.

The next day, Lil Man and I went to urgent care.

My wound was cleaned (again) and accessed. And x-rays were taken of my right leg.

Cracked fibula in the right leg.
Deep puncture wound (likely dog bite) in the left foot.
Sore ankle.

Rest, antibiotics and try to keep it clean

As usual, I was allergic to one of the antibiotics (I can now add a new one to the list). So I held off on taking the other one... but as day 3 rolled around, the wound started to get super red, and the pain was intense. So I made the decision to try the other antibiotic again. And I was able to tolerate it. Time will tell if the infection is cleared up. 

I am still in pain, but it's less. And the wound looks better, but still bad. Sigh. 

So, this isn't happening. 

Yep, I was supposed to do the virtual  #skirtsports13er this weekend. Obviously that isn't going to happen. But hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to complete my virtual race and proudly display my medal. 

Instead I'm taking a little R&R... wearing my Zensah compression to help with swelling, and to provide support ... and giving myself time to heal... 

Although I am disappointed, and in pain, I am still thankful. I'm thankful that it was me that was knocked down and not Lil Man. Thankfully it was a non weight bearing bone that was chipped. Thankful that I didn't crack my tailbone or hit my head. It could have been so much worse. So instead of being upset that my plans have been rearranged, I'm going to be thankful. Because honestly, I have a lot to be thankful for.

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