Aurorae Yoga Tote Bag Is The Perfect Bag

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You know that moment when you realize that something you'd been planning on isn't going to happen? Well, yep, that moment just happened.

Last year I wanted to do the Rothrock Challenge, but I chickened out. This year I registered early so I wouldn't change my mind. I'd be locked in so to speak.

Sure, I was scared. The closer to this weekend, the more nervous I got. But I planned on attempting the race... and then... I got a little stomach bug. Thankfully that only lasted a couple of days.  But apparently it lowered my resistance so that when Hubby and Lil Man got a virus, I got it bad. As in... doubled over coughing so hard I couldn't get my breath bad - pain in my back when breathing bad - overall just ... well... bad. Hubby is usually one to be optimistic "Oh you'll be fine. You can do this." But as soon as my cough began, he started telling me no way. I didn't believe him until a couple of days into the cough... then I knew... yeah... it wouldn't be wise to attempt a 17+ mile trail run with difficult terrain and elevation... so.... that means I've got to sit this one out. I'm disappointed, but I've made peace with it. I mean, what else can I do?

But I did get to try something super fun, exciting and a little bit scary before I got sick
... aerial yoga. Have you ever tried it? A friend of mine suggested we go. I said sure (not really knowing what I was getting into). I didn't realize that we would actually be flipping upside down or hanging upside down.

I can't say that I ever fully trusted the scarf. Apparently my trust issues run deep. ;) And I squealed like I girl when I flipped over the first time. I was WAY out of my comfort zone. Would I do it again? Sure I would!

And I have to say that my  Aurorae Yoga Tote bag (affiliate link) was perfect. I mean PERFECT.

First it's cute. Second my yoga bag fit perfect. Third and so forth, so did everything else. I had a change of clothes, my keys, my phone, my jewelry (didn't know I had to take those off). And I still had room left in the bag. I love it!

In addition to aerial yoga, I've also used the Aurorae Yoga Tote when I went to my hot yoga class (love that class) (Yoga, It really does make a difference)

It truly has been a great addition to my gear. It's now my favorite bag. So far it seems very durable, and I am well pleased. So far I've been pleased with all of my Aurorae products.

You can purchase the yoga tote on amazon with my affiliate link.(see below)

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