When Life Is A Balancing Act

I've been struggling lately to fit it all in. Hubby has been super busy, at times non-existent, which has left me on my own.  Miles is an overgrown puppy who requires A LOT of time and attention.
 Lil Man is growing too fast, and I want to make sure that I'm giving him the time that he needs (plus, I want to make sure that I cherish this time with him).

That being said, things aren't getting done. Because, the reality is,
I can't fit it all in... and for someone who is type A, leaving things undone.. well.. makes me come undone ...

Add in that pre-school ends in a few weeks, and Hubby has an even more demanding work schedule this Summer, I realized it's time that I took a step back and prioritized my responsibilities.

When life becomes super hectic, usually the first thing that has to go is any 'me' time. But I have found that when I don't get those few minutes to take a deep breath, everything else suffers. And I still feel like I need to justify that time (Why Must Moms Feel Guilty For Working Out), but the truth is, when I take time for me, I can be a better Mom and Wife.

But the reality is, when a kid is sick and misses preschool, or Hubby is out of town or hunting, sometimes workouts seem impossible. And sometimes, taking a rest day is a good thing. But if the obstacle is ongoing (which for me it sometimes is), that means letting go of expectations. That 3 mile run might turn into a 1 mile run. Getting to the gym might mean lifting weights at home instead. Or re-arranging workouts. And sometimes I let this frustrate me. I get irritated that I can't even get in a 3 mile run. But the reality is 1 mile is better than 0. And taking just a few minutes for myself is better than none. And I'm finding when the stress level is too much, it's important to take the time for myself even if that means after I put Lil Man to bed.

I've tried to 'do it all', keep the house clean, keep all of the laundry clean, folded and put away, cook dinner every night, schedule activities for Lil Man, get my workouts in, plus stay on top of all of my social media obligations. But day after day, something has to give. And that's when things don't get done... and you know what... that's ok. For the longest time I struggled with personally not being able to do it all... but ... the reality is... it's ok....

What's more important? That's the question that I have to stop and ask myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed... DO what's important.... let the rest go until you can get to it... take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.. and in the end.. it all works out... or that's that they tell me :)

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