Is Personal Training Worth It?

For awhile now, I've been working on strength training. And I feel that I've reached a point, that I'd like to work with a trainer.... to work on form... to show me some new things that I haven't been doing.. to help me stay accountable... and to push me harder than I would normally push myself.

Why is it that when I workout by myself, I stop when it gets 'tough', but a trainer can say just 3 more, and I'll give it all I have to get those 3 more reps?
I don't know why (for me personally) that I need someone to push me, but apparently I do. And I'm hoping to reach a point, that I'll push through like that for myself without needing someone to push me to get there. But right now.. I'm not there.

So I signed up for 4 training sessions with an intro package through one of the gyms that I go to. (I go to several because we can through our insurance). I'm half way through my 4 sessions, and I'm definitely feeling muscles that I haven't felt before. Here is my new best friend!

And for the first time... well.. in a very long time, my biceps are actually sore. So this week I've definitely done something different.

This is pre-training sessions. I'm hoping my little guns get a little bigger and more defined.

Now, comes the hard part... try to find the $$$ to get more sessions or continue trying to work on these goals on my own....

I'm thinking that I'm ready to invest some money into me. That's how I view personal training at this point for me... I'm investing time and money for me... to help me reach my goals...

I haven't made my decision yet, but I think that personal training would be beneficial. How about you? Do any of you work with a trainer?

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  1. I've been working with the same trainer for about 1 year and a half and I'm not planning to quit :). I'm not a spender, so this is where some of my savings go, because I really needed to do this for myself. I'm stronger, leaner and doing things I never imagined myself doing. It started as weight loss, then we worked on form and posture, now we're working on upper body strength cause my legs are already rock solid haha. So yeah, I totally recommend this!


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