Ya'll Meet Miles

We lost Sally this past Summer (When I Met Her, She Wasn't My Favorite) when she died suddenly. For awhile now, Hubby has been looking for a young pup to train as a hunting dog. We found him. Although I wasn't fond of getting a Mountain Cur, I did find out that they get larger than our other dogs. They require a lot of exercise, and I'm thinking in addition to a hunting dog, I may also have a future running partner.

I named him... wait for it.. wait for it...

I thought the name fit him. (Especially since we drove over 500 miles one way to go get him)

He's adjusting to his new home, and we are adjusting to puppy life. (Basically at this point no one is sleeping and there is a lot of pee and poop everywhere!)

But we are excited to have him in our life, and I know we'll have many adventures together.

Those of you who run with a dog, give me some tips. I am definitely clueless. But I look forward to sharing some miles with Miles.

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