The Weekly Weigh In

Well, let's just say that Godiva got the best of me over Valentine's weekend. Combined with stress, the fact that we were off of our schedule with not having preschool for 5 days, and that chocolate/candy was in abundance everywhere, I had several days of eating a lot of junk. (really not happy about this as I slipped into old habits).

Combine that my hormones are out of whack (that is another long story, but no I'm not pregnant!), my weigh in this week resulted
in a 1 pound GAIN.

But honestly I weighed 3lbs more at the beginning of the week at home. So I was not surprised at the gain, and I was pleased that I was able to get the other 2lbs back off. 

So what did I learn this week? You can lose the weight, but if you go back to old habits the weight will return. 

So the reality is once I do reach my goal, I will then have to learn how to maintain. So far I've lost 7lbs during this challenge, and the learning continues!

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