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Goodbye Calorie Obsession

I'm serious... this eating low calorie or trying to stay within a certain range is driving me batty. (stomach grumbles)... apple slices look delicious but I refuse them because it would put me out of my calorie range.

In my opinion, there is determination/will power and then just borderline silliness. And refusing to eat an apple when my body is physically asking for food in my opinion is silly.

For 9 days while trying to adhere to this range or that range of calories (Am I eating too little? Am I eating too much?) I became a scale obsessed calorie obsessed stressed-out deranged woman. And my weight didn't budge.

Well, I'm here to tell you I'm done.

I'm going to eat that apple and smear some natural nut butter on it too!

I'm ditching the calorie app. I'll log my food for accountability in the contest (and so I can look back for informational purposes. It's been nice to have those numbers to look back and average what I'd been eating). But I refuse to have a number dictate what I will eat or how I live my life. This goes for the scale too. 

So I'm going to do this thing called. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full! Now since I've been living by the numbers for so long, I know that it may take some time for me to re-learn how to listen to my body. I'm not sure I even know when I'm full anymore - or even hungry sometimes.

I know that I can't expect results overnight. But I know that I'm not looking for a quick fix. I've lost a little shy of 6 pounds. I'd like to lose 7-9 more. But I don't want a quick weight loss to just gain it back when I start eating normal again.

Like I said.. this is a journey.. and so far this journey has taken me to dropping some pounds, stalling in my weight loss, attempting a low calorie diet, getting frustrated and eating fattening foods, and becoming obsessed with numbers.

Let's see where this next step takes me...

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  1. I too have that problem. I am afraid to put some food because I want the scales to go down when I want them to. Not the natural way of just letting the healthy eating (moderation, not starvation), but starving myself and hope it will be enough. The problem I have realized is that I am just causing my body to go in survival mode instead of calorie burn mode. As much I want to starve the weight off rapidly, it's not healthy nor productive because that does nothing. Eating healthy when my body tells me to is a way I can really get on track and in return burn more fat! Great blog post!


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