#BeFitAllYear Review & Giveaway

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I think eating real food is the best way to get nutrition. However, I know that I personally don't always eat all of the nutrients that I need, and sometimes supplementing is easier (especially when I'm pressed for time which I seem to be a lot!)

I had the opportunity to try 3 of BeFit's new nutritional products.

This included the pre-workout, burn and whey protein.

In addition to BeFit's nutritional products, I also had the opportunity to check out out their 30-day workout calendar along with the 30-day workout video playlist.

Let's start with the nutrition.

I LOVED the taste of the pre-workout. I've used amino acids before, and I do find that it helps with recovery. I can't say that it helped with performance but only because I didn't have a 'before' to measure it with. But I do feel that the amino acids can help with soreness. That being said, after 2 sips of this great tasting pre-workout, I realized that it tasted like strawberry (which I am allergic to). According to the label, it contains natural flavorings, and it was fruit punch. So I imagine it contained strawberry (or something close enough) as I did have a slight allergic reaction. So, I didn't continue to drink it. But of the amino acid blend supplements that I've had, I have to say this one tasted awesome. :)

Burn is a 'fat burner without the jitters'. I took it a few days, but I honestly drink too much green tea that I didn't want to over do it since Burn also contains green tea. I did give it to Hubby for a week to conduct an experiment. He's not one to exercise, so I was curious to see if he took it without making any changes would there be a difference. And after 8 days of taking Burn without exercising his weight remained the same. However, I can't confirm that his food consumption stayed the same. He may have actually consumed more calories that week, but didn't gain :)

Of the nutritional products, the Whey protein is what I have used the most. At 100 calories and 22 grams of protein, I found it tasty and an easy way to add some extra protein to my day. I liked that it blended easy without lumps. I can toss it into my shaker with water (or my veggie juice) and be on my way. I've never tried backing with Whey protein, but I know there are a lot recipes out there. I'm thinking muffins would taste great.

Overall, if you are looking for supplements, BeFit has a great line to choose from.

Now to the 30-day workout calendar and 30-day workout video playlist.... Check out the intro-video for the 30-day workout program.

The workout calendar was nice that it laid out a program that I could use. And the workout videos fit in nicely with my existing routine. I liked that several of the videos were 10 mins or so. I could do one or combine more than one depending on the time. And I liked how you could improvise as needed. I definitely worked up a sweat! I plan to continue to incorporate the workout video playlist from BeFit into my weekly routines.

And, now for the giveaway! Yep, one of you can win a nutritional pack from BeFit by simply entering the giveaway tools below. 

I encourage you to check out BeFit and #BeFitAllYear 

Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, void where prohibited. Must be 18+. Only one entrant per household, per address. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Winner will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. If you one another SPA's giveaway, you are not eligible to win this one. 

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