Appalachian Trail Snowy Winter Run

As the sun warmed things up to the upper teens, I couldn't help myself but get out and check out the Appalachian Trail. I'd been there a couple of weeks ago and it was very runable (and the parking lot was clear of snow).

Well, duh, I forgot it snowed between then and now! I saw that no one was going up to the lot, and after I turned in, I realized why. It was ICY! I also forgot my microspikes or yaktraxs. After stepping out of the car, I realized I needed something more than my trail shoes.

So I decided to go back home and get something so that I could have a better footing. I started down the hill, with my foot on the brake, I never even touched the gas, I started sliding.
I held my breath as I stopped right before hitting a tree. I crept down the rest of the hill and prayed that no one was coming when I hit the ice at the bottom.

Thankfully I made it home safely. I had decided to just run at home because there was no way that I was attempting that parking lot again.

But instead, I asked Hubby and Lil Man to just drop me off on the road so that I could run the trail.

And that's what they did.

The plan was for me to call them when I was finished and they could come pick me up.

I choose my microspikes since the terrain was rocky, and I have to say, that I love them. I didn't slip once!

And trust me, it was slippery!

But about .6 of a mile into my run, my phone died form the cold. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  How was I supposed to call home now? I could be out there for hours before Hubby would come get me. Grrr.... at this point I realized that I didn't think this through. We should have specified a time instead.

So, I turned and headed back to the parking lot, because at this point I wasn't sure that I wasn't going to have to try to run home from the trail.

Thankfully, I ran into a couple (the only people I saw out there) who let me use their cell phone.

I called Hubby and they came to get me.

Today was absolutely beautiful. This is the first time that I've been on the trail with it totally snow covered.

I did learn some valuable lessons though. Next time if I'm dropped off somewhere, I'll have a backup plan if I'm unable to call. And, I will put my phone in a sock with a hand warmer to keep it operational!

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  1. Running with snow?It looks so refreshing!I wish I had the courage to run in the cold!But it seems that my body is not collaborating!Ha ha!


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