Hoping To Have An After

(confession time) Back in 2014, I took before pictures. I believed I tried a 30 day food challenge. And I never took an after picture. Why? Because I never made it through the 30 day food challenge.
In fact, through 2015 I GAINED weight. I can't blame it all on injuries or lack of exercise. Basically, it's been my nutrition - my lack of proper nutrition.

And after a year of struggling with weight gain and body image, I've decided it really is time that I do something about it... for me. I'm tired of feeling bleh.. and not liking the image looking back at me.

I'm not looking for perfection. I know I'll never have that. I have loose skin and stretch marks (I gained 50ish pounds with Lil Man). So I'm not looking for the perfect bikini body. I'm looking for my bikini body. I'm looking to feel comfortable in my running gear - in my own skin,

I'm not eliminating food groups or doing anything 'radical'. I have a game plan. I just need to put it into action. My focus is on making the right food choices in the correct portion sizes.

I'm using an exchange system - so many grains, fats, fruits, dairy, veggies and proteins a day. You get the idea. (I believe there is a popular program out there that uses containers that's kindof the same principle I think.)

But, I think this will work for me.. I just have to put it into action...

The before...


******* The date on these pics should be 12/31/15! *******

Please please please, let there be an after in 2016.

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Are there any goals that you are currently working on?

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