Thinking Ahead to 2016

I've debated whether to put this out there - because once I say it out loud - well it's so official. And honestly, I've really struggled with my self confidence in running for over a year now. It's no secret that I've struggled, but I don't think many people really know just how much of a struggle it's been.

I've never been 'in this place' with running where I have zero confidence in myself. My nagging hamstring injury is still there. I've found that it really doesn't like speed, and when I attempt to run faster, I pay for it in the long run. But if I listen to my body and rest as needed, modify as needed, I am able to run - and I have been - it's just at times sporadic.

But as I got back on the trail a couple of weeks ago, the excitement of the unknown, the thrill of nature, and the views really just gave my heart a nice happy sigh.

And I realized....

This is where I want to be ... 

This past weekend, I went online to Running In The USA and looked up trail races for 2016. I think that this upcoming year is going to be the year of trail running for me. And I have some big goals in mind.. as in a 50K for April which means training needs to start.. um... now :) 

However, I'm planning on approaching this upcoming year different than in the past. When I was marathon training, it was all about that one race. I put off other races for fear of getting injured. I couldn't do this or that due to a training schedule. My entire life and running life revolved around one event. It drove me crazy and in a sense it broke me both physically and emotionally. And the reality is I'm not 100% over it. 

So this time I'm taking a different approach. I hope to listen to my body and not freak out over missed miles or where I feel I should be in regards to training. I don't plan to allow one event to dominate my life or my running. I plan to run other trail runs maybe a road race or two in addition to attempting the 50K. 

And most of all, I plan to have fun.. with training and with racing.. 

Do you have any current or upcoming goals? 

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  1. This looks a lot like Big Boyd Tree Conservation State Park!!


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