Out Of My Control

In church, we've been talking about the Upper Story and the Lower Story (cliff notes version is that what you think is supposed to happen or how it's supposed to happen doesn't necessarily mean that's the way it's going to happen or should happen) 

Fast forward to today.. the day before my 28 mile race.. the one that I registered for on a whim, one that I was actually really looking forward to the challenge... pretty sure I would finish but as you know anything can happen.. but ready to give it a try...

Last Thursday (10/1) the day after a great 2 mile treadmill run where I felt like pushing the pace.

I woke up with a severe sore throat. bam.. out of no where and extreme exhaustion. I wasn't too concerned, I mean the race was still over a week away. But as the week went on, I got worse.. and worse... as is in on the couch doing as little as possible... my garmin vivofit was probably in shock with my lack of movement... finally after 7 days of being super sick, and 3-4 days of bad ear pain, I went to the dr.

It was confirmed that I have a pretty bad ear infection in one ear, and the beginning of infection in the other - on top of all of the congestion and other symptoms. I started an antibiotic which has compounded my ailment. I don't tolerate antibiotics well.

To the point... the Dr suggested using my head (no pun intended) and not attempting the 28 mile race. The truth is - I physically couldn't do it anyway. I'm still that sick.

Yep, another scratched race this year. I'll spare you the pity story and the tears. What's a girl to do? It's truly out of my control.

So as I sit here with my kleenex, my advil, my nasal rinse and hot tea, I'm choosing to look past the disappointment. I'm going to focus on getting well, and realizing there is a reason that I wasn't supposed to do the race. I don't know why. I may never know. But I'm going to choose to move past the disappointment and focus on the positive. 

I will run another day. 

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  1. There are always other races. I hope you start to feel better. Being sick sucks. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, i'm still feeling horribly bad.

  2. I'm so sorry Amy. I know it's disappointing. Focus on getting well and of course another race will be there when you're ready. xo

    1. Thanks... yeah.. it's not easy to log on today and see everyone 'running'.. but I know I'm just way too sick and it's the couch for me


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