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I Just Want To #RunHappy

As I was sitting in my car while Lil Man was sleeping. (We had a busy morning at ZooAmerica and then lunch with friends. He fell asleep about 5 minutes from home. He's never been one to transfer well. So I decided to read my devotionals that I am very behind on.)

And I'm not even sure how my mind went to this thought, maybe it was because my devotional was dealing with pride, but I started thinking about how lately I've been enjoying just running. I'm getting back into racing (I have several virtual races on my calendar. I just completed my first 10K with Running On The Wall). And I have officially registered for an upcoming 5K in October, and a 5 miler in November. This will be my first 5K in over a year.

It's not easy to go run a distance at a much slower pace than you've run it in the past. Or it isn't for me anyway.
But lately, I've just been enjoying running and well as I was thinking about the upcoming slower 5K my thought was that "I just want to #runhappy.

I am happy just to be running.

I think being on the couch for almost 2 weeks (Out Of My Control) with this brutal virus which still isn't 100% gone has made me thankful just to be able to run - regardless of pace or distance.

Too often I allow myself to get caught up in so and so is running this or that.. comparison.. I tell you.. it is true that comparison is the thief of joy. (#TuesdayTidbit - Don't Compare)

And for the first time in a very long time, with 'races' on my calendar, I really just want to #runhappy.

Me Wearing my Tracer360
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  1. Run Happy was my goal for my marathon 2 weeks ago. It felt great not to have the pressure of a time goal.

    1. I still put too much pressure on myself.. but I"m trying :)

  2. You missy are very wise! So many people use the flawed reason fitness will make me a better person. No fitness will only make you a more fit person. Don't get me wrong it is very important but when a person avoids the family, misses events, etc... there is an issue. I was a prime example of the bad example. Amy that is so wise, don't run at a pace you have not trained for, you are a distance runner. Have fun, be comfortable, remember why you are out there. I feel confident it is not because a super fast 5k will push over the bad ass edge. No, most likely not. Have fun, do good things and enjoy yourself. Oh, keep on being the wonderful bad ass you are.

  3. Yes - comparing is such a burden when you think about it! Running happy is a great goal and focus.


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