Eliminating Hurry From My Life

One of the hardest things for me to do is 'rest'. Anyone else have this problem? Not sure if it's just my personality, or my inner need to constantly be in motion, but I rarely sit. And if I sit, I rarely just relax. I find myself always doing 'something'.

Well several Sundays ago, the Church service was about eliminating hurry from your life.

You can view the sermon here https://vimeo.com/137764689 (and yeah I think it's pretty cool that we can watch the sermons online. It comes in super handy if we can't make it to church or if we want to hear it again

But this sermon really hit home with me because I do really struggle with #HurrySickness. So that Sunday, I took a moment to really examine my life and my actions. 

EVERYTHING that I did I did in a hurry.
I ate in a hurry. I bathed in a hurry. I quickly got my son ready to leave the house. I quickly threw clothes in my gym bag. I quickly walked to the car. Every action in my life was 'quick and hurried and frazzled'.

From that time, I have made a conscious effort to SLOW down. (The irony is that all of this happened the same week that I got my *affiliate link fitness tracker *affiliate link  - which I love by the way.)

Won't slowing down keep me from getting everything done? I mean let's face it, my life is filled with to-do lists and all of these things that I need and want to get done. 

But do I want to keep living my life in this hurried frazzled state of mind? The answer was that I did not. 

So I started making some changes. I started slowing down. I started taking a few minutes of alone time to do my daily devotional. And I added in daily 'rest' where I sit (maybe not long but quality rest time). I'm reminding myself that not everything has to be done in a rush. 

And you know what? My life is less frazzled. I am less stressed. My FAMILY is less stressed and more calm. AND most days I'm getting the things done that needs to be done... oh and that step tracker? I'm hitting my goal and even placed first in some step challenges. (over 130,000 steps in one week baby!) 

So I am finding that I can be 'active' but not in a 'hurry'. 

If you are like me and suffer from #HurrySickness, I encourage you to take a moment to examine your life and see if it's time you made some changes. 

I am so glad that I did. 

I am a #WorkInProgress

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