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Are You A Machine Hog?

Ok, let me start off by saying, in the past I've stuck to the cardio machines. Oh, you know the one who knows every piece of cardio equipment at the gym. (Slowly raises hand). But, this past year I've been working on strength training. Yep, that means moving out of my cardio comfort zone and branching out to other parts of the gym.

And I get the looks sometimes that I'm in 'their way'. Ahem, my weights might only be 10-20lbs instead of your 50lb+ but it's my workout! (says my inner bad self although at times I find myself slinking over to give them more room.)

But I have to say that hogging a machine isn't cool. Have you ever run into a situation where someone will use 3 or more machines at once?
Well that's great if the gym is empty, but I can't even work in a set if there is over 100lbs on the machine that I can't move off. So I've never bothered. I will either skip that machine or come up with an alternative exercise.

But today, as this guy was hogging the lat pull-down, with his keys and other things sitting on it, he stood beside it talking on his phone.

I finished my set that I was doing on a different machine. I gave him a few more minutes to hang up and finish his workout, or simply move. Neither happened. So I did something that I've never done before. I walked over and asked him if I could work in a quick set.

He's seen me there before. He's actually 'rushed' me off of a machine in the past. He stuttered and said sure. He moved his things and I got in my workout. (Ok. Ok. truth time, as he hovered around me I upped the weights 5lbs more than I normally use ha.)

My takeaway?

I finally had the confidence to speak up because I finally felt like I had a right to be there. When the reality is - I had the right to be there all along. It just took me awhile to have enough confidence in myself that this is 'my gym' too regardless of the number on the weights, or the number of push-ups that I do, or my 5 assisted pull-ups. It's my workout. It's my goal, and it's my time at the gym not anyone else's.

And if you are hogging a machine - maybe it's time you brushed up on some gym etiquette.

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  1. Good for you! I'm glad you spoke up! In my experience guys are really bad about this in the free weight area. Although I once waited eons for a squat race while a woman stood in it talking on the phone. I don't get it.

    1. Yeah, I sometimes use my phone to look up exercises etc.. but what's the point of coming to the gym to stay on your phone?


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