The Struggle Is Real

Getting up early lately - the struggle is real. Twice this week I've turned off the alarm. The first time, well I'm Embarrassed By My Lack Of Control. The second time, I just didn't want to get up and run 6 miles. I woke up on time. But my body was tired. My mind was tired, and I stayed in bed. I knew I could get in a short workout once the family woke up.

And I did.. It wasn't stellar. It wasn't the 6 mile run I had said that I needed to do. But it was a nice solid 3, and I did enjoy a nice view along the way - even if my shadow did beat me ;)

But the alarm was set again hoping that the third time would be a charm.  I've never really been one to have a difficult time to get up early to workout. Early mornings are usually my best time to workout. But ever since our long trip this summer, I've had a hard time getting back into a routine (both emotionally and physically). 

This time, although the struggle was indeed real, I got up. (Before the alarm went off, which is normal for me). And I made it to the gym for the Body Blast class. It wasn't my personal training session that I miss, but it was a good workout. And my goal is to go to this class weekly to help supplement my strength training and general workouts. 

Between the treadmill, my road run, yoga and weights, my hamstring is yelling at me a little. So I think I'll have to take the mileage back down this weekend for my longer run. 

But this week has definitely been a reminder that the struggle is real - with getting up early, making time for everything, and listening to my body.

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  1. Well done! Getting up is so hard but isn't it the best feeling ever to do it and have your workout done before life gets in the way?

    1. I agree! I'm glad to feel like I'm getting back on track with things!


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