I've Come Back To MyFitnessPal

I said I wouldn't do it, but before you start spewing harsh words at me, hear me out as to why I'm back on MyFitnessPal. Yes, yes, I remember my "I Stopped Counting Calories" speech. And I stand by my opinion that just counting calories is one of the reasons why I am where I am in this journey. I think health wise (nutrition wise) I am probably the least healthy I have been in awhile. And for me, my personal journey, this began when I focused on calories and calories only. So I tracked. I didn't track. I tracked. I didn't track. I became obsessed with staying within my range. I went over. I would binge. It really started a not so nice downward spiral for me.

So I know you are thinking why in tar-nation am I using MyFitnessPal or any calorie tracking app again?!?

Here is why..
It's super easy to use with MapMyRun as they sync.

I'm still using the 'all or nothing approach' when it comes to trying to moderate my food. I ate a candy bar - I might as well eat this cake too kind of thing. That's NOT helping me reach my goals - and it's definitely not healthy. So I need to (not be obsessed) but conscious of what I am eating.

Instead of focusing on calories with the app, my goal is to focus on food. I'm trying to eat whole real food with occasional sweets/processed food. With MyFitnessPal, I can track nutrients (such as sugar) and see how I'm do from day to day.

One thing I am doing different is that I'm not adhering to the calorie count if I am hungry. If you can hear my stomach growling, I don't care that the app says eat X amount, and I have met that for the day, I plan to eat a healthy option. Maybe earlier in the day I should have made different choices? And if I continue to be hungry, and my choices throughout the day have been healthy ones, then I will bump up the calorie count. My ultimate goal is to learn to listen to my body (again) and to make healthy choices with regards to food.

So far this week since I've been using the app, I've had mostly non processed food. (except for today. We went to Hershey Park and I had non healthy options.  I split a pretzel, fries and a burger with Lil Man. So what?!? We were having a blast. I'll log it, but I won't obsess over it) Realistically I am not going to eat 100% clean. Most days this week I felt full and satisfied. However, I did notice that certain foods caused me to crave processed foods. So I will try to stay away from those triggers.

I'm waiting on blood work to come back to see if I have Lyme's Disease or Rheumatoid arthritis or both. If those are negative, I'll have to take a closer look at food and possible food intolerance. But for now I'm waiting on blood work.

Do you use a food tracker to track your food?

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  1. I use MFP to track my food too and totally get the feeling of binging because your slightly over! I'm on a dieting break at the minute as I'd got in a rut and needed a bit of time out I think. I'm back on it in September though and will be back using MFP

    1. Yes, it was super easy for me to get obsessed about going over! I wish you well in your journey!


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