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Facing Fear One Step At A Time

Really, I can't find my way out of a paper bag. I am that bad with directions. But there was this trail that I wanted to check out. There was an old stone tower, and 'the general' (an old steam engine), and rocks galore. I had a guide that I found from the internet, but even with this it took me 3 or 4 tries to find the trail entrance. Hubby helped me find it last night after dinner.

And even this morning I still struggled to find it. I was discouraged, but he encouraged me to keep looking.  Honestly, I was scared about doing the hike. I have a hard enough time sticking to one trail, but this trail went from blue, to pink, to red, to yellow, to blue.. you get the picture. But hubby's last words to me were "You can do this. I know you can do it". So I took off.

First I had to cross a creek.

Then I came to a field of boulders.

Then rocks - rocks - rocks as far as the eye can see. This was not fun to climb especially when I heard a faint rattle but couldn't see exactly where it was coming from. It was so steep in spots that I couldn't stand straight up.

I got turned around a time or two, but I made it to the stone tower, and then the Yellow Springs village ruins.

Some of the trails were really overgrown. There were weeds chest high. I was happy to see the Appalachian Trail ahead. It was much easier to follow and the trail is well maintained. 

Finally, thanks to the directions that I had, I turned on the unmarked (that's right - I took an unmarked trail) to 'The General". It was worth seeing. 

It basically sits abandoned in a wooded area. It was well worth the trip. 

But by now, my legs were pretty tired, and the hardest part (for me) was coming down. The descent - I don't know why going down the mountain is so much harder for me than going up. But it is.. and it was.. and yes I fell. Thankfully I landed on my rear. 

It was rocky and felt like (at times) that I was going straight down. I didn't see a lot of switchbacks to help break up the descent. It felt like I literally went straight down the mountain in places. 

I admit after almost 8 miles, I was happy to get back to the creek. However, my legs were a little shaky, and this time I didn't make it over without falling. 

The water was so cold, but actually felt great on my feet and legs. 

This so far has been the hardest hike for me - first the fear factor of getting lost, trying to find the trail where at times it wasn't the easiest to spot - looking for critters and snakes - the terrain was tough - not really knowing where to go but trying to follow a map (and for me that is huge). But I did it. 

And I did it because I didn't let fear stop me. I listened to encouraging positive words (You can do this. I know you can). 

So I encourage you in life, push past the fear and the negativity, listen to the positive and encouragement and go out and do it! 

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