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Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Running skirts - love them or hate them - I see them everywhere. I have to admit they are cute. And I've come across one that's not only cute and functional, but it's modest. I'm talking about JWalking Designs

Granted, I'm short so it's a little longer on me than most average height people. But compared to other running skirts, I found the JWalking Design skirt to be longer with longer shorts underneath. 

There are three pockets, and although my phone is so big and clunky with the huge protective case, it still fit in two of the pockets. I found it a little too awkward to run with my phone in the skirt, but that's the design of my phone - not the skirt. The skirt held it secure. I'm just  so used to running with my phone in a belt. 

With the skirt being longer, I wasn't sure how it would actually function on a run. But I liked the material and the feel. It didn't bunch or feel any different than my other 'regular' running gear. I liked the longer shorts underneath.

I felt that the sweat dried quickly. It held up well to washing. And I like the concept of it being something that you can wear before, during and after a run. 

This skirt that I tried was basic black, but there are several cute designs to choose from. They even have kilts :). Whether you already love running in skirts or curious to give them a try, I encourage you to check out JWalking Designs

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