Trails No Fear and New Gear

See, for a very long time, I let fear stop me. I was terrified of running alone in the dark.  And for a very long time, I didn't. I either skipped my workout or tolerated the treadmill. Then... well one day this happened (Workin' On My Night Moves - Fear Of The Dark).

I've also been afraid to run on the trails by myself. First of all, I'm super directionally challenged. Second, well, the thoughts of just being out there alone was very scary to me.

But, life is short, sometimes way too short. And as I sat around 'waiting' for someone to be my running buddy (although I know in my heart that no one will ever be able to replace Jill. No one - even if in time I do find that local person who will meet me in the insane hours before daybreak, regardless of temperature or lack of sleep, I know in my heart that no one will ever be Jill - and those runs that we shared will forever be a part of the happiest days of my life) I reached a point that I didn't want to sit and wait anymore.

So I went for the first time ever on a solo hike on the Appalachian Trail (I Ran I Walked I Fell I Bled - It Was Awesome)

As I emerged from the woods, limping to the truck
where Hubby and Lil Man were waiting to take me back to my car (my first point to point run - ever). I knew then at that moment that trails were what I wanted and needed to do right now. I'm still trying to run at least one road run a week, but the majority of my running lately has been on trails.

I'd never done a trail run before Hubby went to work, but I thought I had just enough time to get a few miles in. It was worth it. Watching the world wake up while out on the trail was awesome. 

With new adventures, brings new gear ;) 

I've always run with a hydration belt, so this is my first pack. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm so glad that I splurged and bought it. It's getting put to good use. It holds more water than any of my belts, and it has tons of pockets (enough for my phone, fuel, map and then some. I could even stash a jacket or clothing in there

But as I was out on the trail this weekend, I couldn't help but reflect how fear had kept me away. And now, well now, it's my solitude, my time to reflect, and my alone time that I cherish

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  1. You are so lucky to have access to this beautiful trail. I'm just a little (no a lot) jealous!!

    1. I am jealous where you run also :) But yes, I am very luck to have a trail like this so close to my house.


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