Summer Requires Planning

I didn't think the first week with Lil Man out of preschool would be so difficult to get my workouts in. I think it's combined with the fact that Hubby is turkey hunting and it's throwing off my morning schedule.

But I am finding it difficult to find time to get in cardio plus my strength training. And you guessed it, the strength training has suffered a little this week. I didn't dedicate the time that I have in past weeks.

But I did push it hard on Friday at the gym while I was there.

I plan to get back to a set plan instead of going to the gym without a plan where I
sort of just meander from exercise to exercise without any guidance. I did get some decent workouts in, but I don't feel as if I got the most of out my workouts like I did last week. (I'm referring to working out on my own).

My trainer on the other hand (Personal Design Fitness) did not back off in this week's training session. Within the first 5 minutes of my workout I think my legs were already shaking. By the time the hour was up, I was a quivering mess ha. So I know I got in at least one good hour of strength training this week.

And as Lil Man is getting older, I'm finding more and more ways to incorporate him in my workouts. He finished his first 3 mile walk/run! The last mile was touch and go (ha). He whined for me to carry him, but he finished it on his own - since it was his idea.

And because I bought me a set of 8lb weights, he insisted on getting his very own set of weights. He couldn't be talked out of it, so he now has his own set - which he has already put to good use. 

But Friday, for the first time in MONTHS, I didn't even turn on my computer. That in itself is a MAJOR change for me. So yeah, you can say that Summer is going to require some planning on my part with working out, with writing, with housecleaning (that hasn't happened yet - I think the dog is even grossed out by the sticky kitchen floor), with downtime (which Lil Man and I both need), and Summer fun.

But I am learning to be creative by making Playgrounds Your Gym, However, this week taught me that I am going to have to do some planning if I want to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in addition to keeping my sanity.

How do you keep up your workouts and summer plans over the summer? Any tips?

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  1. How cute that your little boy wanted to do a 3 mile walk/run. Go him! Good luck with the planning. Keeping exercise as a priority during busy times is tough. But, it will be worth it. Mainly for sanity sake, right?


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